This blog is the culmination of a lifelong love of style. After years of reading fashion magazines and lifestyle blogs I decided to give it a go and create my own blog to capture my perspective on fashion, food, design and more as a 20-something living in Philadelphia.

I have an affinity for vintage and vintage-inspired items, including fashion, art, music, and photography. This, combined with my love of sweaters, blankets, tea and taking naps, lead to the nickname “Grandma.” Inspired by the fun, colorful* vintage blankets I saw at thrift stores, but having allergies that prevented me from buying one, I had my sister knit me a vintage-style granny square blanket, which ended up as the main inspiration behind the name of my blog. *This may surprise some people who meet me in person because I’m usually decked out in all black and leather and consider gray and white “color” in my wardrobe. However, I like to mix color and vintage items into my home decor and accessories, along with my usual black and white, of course. 

This blog isn’t exactly my first creative pursuit. A graduate of Drexel University’s Entertainment and Arts Management program, I’ve always had a creative spirit and there learned how to hone that creativity into marketable skills. For my senior project I created a Style section for Drexel’s student newspaper. As Style Editor, I had creative control of the content, layout and overall aesthetic of the section. I even provided most of the photos, using the camera I inherited from my Pop. After getting a taste of street style photography on campus with the Style section, I decided to continue on my own and create a space to showcase my photography in it’s own space and explore more of what I was interested in.

Following graduation from Drexel, I attended Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design in London where I received a Vogue certificate and made friends with some of the most fashionable people from all over the world (love you guys xx). I’ve since returned to Philadelphia where live with my best friend and my cat, Billie, and work professionally as a writer and photographer, among other things. I’m always looking to meet new people and take up new creative projects so don’t be shy to reach out.

xx Lauren

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